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We support retail and ecommerce brands that want to significantly scale their direct-to-consumer growth.

We'll assess your business across the 5 critical drivers of eCommerce success - and give you tailored insights at the end for each:

Growth Strategy

How you're approaching & executing
your growth strategy to be successful and
competitive within your space.

Creative Ability

Your depth, usage & production of
visual/creative assets that showcase
your brand.

Performance Marketing

The strength of your marketing game, how you're tracking performance & what you're doing to boost growth.

Focused Analytics

How to effectively scale your brand via increasing media buy, channels and territories.

Scalable Planning

How the performance of your marketing campaigns translate to the reality of sales, margins and long term profitability.

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We have extensive experience with the unique challenges and opportunities you are likely facing and have carefully crafted this assessment tool to identify areas of improvement and help guide you through to the next level of your success.

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I'm Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Founder of Bolt Digital, best-selling author, accredited Facebook trainer and mum of two.

Our mission is to create game-changing growth in D2C revenue, profit and enterprise-value for consumer brands. 

This free scorecard assessment tool will analyse your brand and your marketing strategy and will provide you with instant valuable feedback across 5 critical D2C categories. The detailed information provided spans decades of experience of working with brands worldwide.

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